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We are within the vortex of a new revolution which is changing our world in wave after wave of unprecedented change. A future in which we appreciate the greater effects of our individual and collective actions is necessary if we are to exist together on a planet of quickly dwindling resources.
The rapid evolution of electronic technology embodies a tremendous momentum and is inevitable to continue. The greatest role of the new technology is proving to be one of mass communication -- an information inter-networking system (Internet) which allows us to share experience with our new- found world neighbors. It follows that this new "realm" might, in fact, be the tool that helps us to obtain a sustainable future. Nowhere will this prove to be more evident than in the new places for human interaction found on the Internet!
Here's a little secret: if you think, for one minute, that you can improve your life simply by changing the way your mind works... you're right! You've found a place to point you in the direction of helping you do just that.

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